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BALTIMORE, MD - In a Chitlin exclusive, we have a one-on-one interview with retired neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. After suspending his campaign following March's Super Tuesday, Dr. Carson has publically endorsed real estate mogul Donald Trump for President. Not surprisingly, controversy has stemmed from this endorsement. The main reason being that Dr. Carson claims Trump has promised him a position should he be elected, which by federal law is illegal. Kenneth Bell, The Chitlin's Political Editor, was able to sit down with Dr. Carson and get his side of this ongoing story.

KSB: First, I would like to thank you for agreeing to conduct this interview with us Dr. Carson. Let’s get straight to the point. You have publically endorsed your former rival Donald Trump. What are your reasons for doing so?

Ben Carson: Welp, Massa Trump says if I goes on the TV screen and tell niggas to vote for him, he gone’ let me work in the big white house.

KSB: It's illegal for a candidate to promise a position in exchange for public support. Why risk breaking the law?

Carson: I don't pay you media people no mind. Massa say he gone’ take care of me and alls I gots’ to do is follow his lead. *chuckles*

KSB: Early in the Republican presidential race, Trump compared you to a pedophile. Why would you support someone who equates you to a child molester?

Carson: Man, there you go talkin' them facts again. I ain't tryna here that jive. Dat right there is the problem wit’ field niggas. Always tryna stir up da pot. I’s love da kids. That don't make me nasty.

SLB: So now that your campaign is over, how do you spend your time?

Carson: Shucking n' jiving at da go-go club. Aye man, Candy in da kitchen whippin' up some pigs’ feets. You want some for da drive home?

KSB: No thanks, I'm good.

Carson: You sure? We got da hot sauce ta go wit it now. Niggas love gettin' down on some pork wit hot sauce. Pig's feet, chitlins, pigs’ ears. Any part of da pig Massa and his family don't eat, Uncle Ben and his kinfolk gladly gets down on. *chuckles loudly*

KSB: Dr. Carson, you have been critical of President Obama in the past. What are your primary reasons for doing so?

Carson: Now don't get me started on that nigga. He name Toby by da way. He ain't nuthin' but one of dem wile Zulu Africans. He gon learn his place rightl quick. Him and that so-called wife of his. Dey ain't even jump over da broom like me and Candy did.

KSB: Any last comments you want to make Dr. Carson?

Carson: Yessir. Fuck all ya niggas. Massa Trump gonna put ya lazy asses back to work in da fields. Ol' Uncle Ben here gon be in da house watching from the window wit the air condition. *chuckles uncontrollably*


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